engine bearing, sliding bushing, stainless steel PTFE bushing, sliding thrust washer
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engine bearing, sliding bushing, stainless steel PTFE bushing, sliding thrust washer
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since 1942  


You will find the products’ technical specifications by choosing either the base material or the required antifriction layer.

Contact us  for your specific inquiries, drawings or projects so that we can establish an  adapted-to-your-needs estimate.



Steel+ Bronze
Steel+ White metal(alloy with a tin base)
Steel+ aluminium alloy 
PYDANE ® : Stainless steel 316TI basis 


• Metallic :
- Sintered Bronze
- Tin
- Aluminium

• Synthetic :
- Metal/PTFE : PYDANE ® fabric 
- Others PVDF, PEEK with specific study

stainless steel PTFE bushing, sliding bushing, sliding thrust washer

stainless steel PTFE bushing, sliding bushing, sliding thrust washer

4 main  product ranges from 10 mm to 400 mm in steel, stainless steel or bronze, with one or more metallic alloys or synthetic layers (as for the PYDANE ® stainless steel PTFE bushings) realised in strict respect of even the smallest tolerances. The optimised industrial organisation of CBP guarantees a constant quality that responds to constraints imposed by the most demanding customers. CBP has its own range of products but is also able to answer each customer’s specific demands in terms of quality and shapes.

 sliding bushing

SLIDING BUSHINGS : Cylindrical bushings with or without joint.
The open rolled sliding bushings, resulting from a rolling and shaping process, have high mechanical and dynamic characteristics. These sliding sleeves can also be closed by laser welding or stapling.
On closed sliding bushings, the layers in bronze or tin are applied during a smelting process. A specific preparation takes place prior to this operation, in order to ensure a perfect sticking of the layer’s surface, guaranteeing optimal calorie elimination and prolonged life. All bushings may be made with one or two flanges.

stainless steel PTFE bushing

BIMETAL BEARINGS : CBP is specialised in thin antifriciton bearings and notably connecting rod bushings and engine bearings.
CBP bimetal bearings are manufactured through three distinct types of production. The first production process comes from the bearings sintering technique of  thin  bronze bearings, the second from the casting of the sliding layers in foundry and the third, for the PYDANE ®, from the welding with a metallic/PTFE fabric. All of our antifriction  bearings are made of a steel or stainless steel base, and covered by one or more metallic or synthetic layers. Numerous controls throughout the production process guarantee homogenous series in terms of quality. Many special machines, some automated, along the production chains, allow specific executions. All our bimetal bearings may also be made with or without flanges.

 sliding thrust washer

SLIDING THRUST WASHERS : Thanks to its means of production covering a wide range of processes, CBP ensures the production of thrust washers, semi-thrust washers, in steel & bronze or steel and white alloy, in high resistance nickel copper or even in steel or metal with loaded PTFE. The search for precision, throughout decades, allowed the implementation of production processes which could meet the requirements of the most demanding customers. Many flat or spherical thrust washers with very tight tolerances are produced each month. They are involved in the production of engines, pumps, compressors, and special machines for guiding mobile parts. They can also be found in transmissions as sliding thrust washers for wheels in railways, in sliding kinematics for differentials of 4x4, 4x6, lorries and transhipment vehicles or also in gearboxes.

 sliding thrust washer

SLIDING GUIDES : These sliding guides resulting from plates obtained through the sintering production processes developed by CBP, facilitate linear sliding in many industrial applications like in building industry for anti-seismic applications. They all have steel or stainless steel supports covered with layers in bronze or white metal or aluminium or even metal & PTFE.

The most flexible means of production and CBP’s know-how allow the production of a diverse range of intricate products : CBP responds to a very large number of shapes such as alveolus sliding layers, grooves, holes, and oil baths, in order to improve the lubrication or even simple or double notches and locating or semi-locating for centring. All manufactured products, from the sliding bushings and antifriction bearings to the spherical bimetal alveolus thrust washers, may be worked out with particular specifications in accordance with the customer’s requirements.


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