engine bearing, sliding bushing, stainless steel PTFE bushing, sliding thrust washer
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engine bearing, sliding bushing, stainless steel PTFE bushing, sliding thrust washer
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sliding bushing

Manufacturer of

Bimetal Bearings

Sliding Bushings

Sliding Thrust Washers

Sliding guides

The CBP – Coussinets et Bagues de Précision - company located in Sartrouville, near Paris, is specialised in the production of sliding bushings, bimetal bearings, sliding thrust washers, sliding guides and the PYDANE ® range (316TI Stainless Steel PTFE Bushings...)
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You seek bearings for your classic car, contact us...
 bimetal bearing, sliding bushing
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Approved by French Competitiveness Clusters



Under the French Competitiveness Clusters MOV'EO and VIAMECA and along side RENAULT Laboratory materials, MINES Paritech Evry (91), Laboratory ENISE St Etienne (42), CETIM and specialist plasma deposition for medical implants 2PS, REGAL project proposes to develop in France the first industrial applications of the methods of multi-material coatings dynamic gazo- Computer-Controlled Detonation spraying (CCDs) and Cold Gas Dynamic Spray (CDGs) . These new methods have appeared recently in the field of surface treatments and currently applied in some European industry, have the particularity to offer many advantages over existing methods. This collaborative project focuses on technology development targeted on the field of mechanical parts and auto body, Public Works and biomedical applications.

Research program REGAL ...

bimetal bearing, sliding bushing

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  00 33 1 39 13 27 18

   engines, cars, industrial vehicles, lorries, construction equipments or agricultural vehicles and railways materials
   piston pumps, compressors
   valves, guiding, industrial installations, automatisms, machine tools

bimetal bearing, sliding bushing

bimetal bearing, sliding bushing

The know-how, the flexibility, the ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and the TS 16949 (in progress) allowed CBP to open important markets throughout the world. Know how...

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bimetal bearing, sliding bushing

CBP has its own range of products but is also able to meet specific requirements of each customer in terms of quality and shapes : Products...
sliding thrust washer
sliding bushing
engine bearing
sliding bushing
sliding bushing
sliding thrust washer
bimetal bearing
engine bearing
sliding bushing

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